Ridley's Prize Gourmet Spices and Rubs


FRESH Ground - Ever wonder why the spices you buy from the grocery store don't have that special "kick"?  The fact is, most grocery store spices have been ground for 2 years or possibly more!  Our special spices are ground fresh by hand!

  • Blended and bottled by hand - Tired of the same old spices that are mass produced?
  • Absolutely NO MSG!  None of our spices have it, and never will!

NEW!!! Garlic Gone Wild

Ah, garlic. Few things have more culinary appeal. Garlic can make most anything taste better. It’s robust flavor is the centerpiece of this seasoning. Our Garlic Gone Wild is meant to be used on almost any meat or vegetable. Use it in soups, dressings, marinades - just about anything that needs a burst of flavor.

NEW!!! Okie Taco Seasoning

Our fantastic, MSG-Free seasoning for tacos is similar to the packets that come with taco shells, but much more flavorful and less salty.  The seasoning is not too hot so the whole family can enjoy it.  Great for burritos also!

2.5 oz.

NEW!!! Oklahoma Stew Seasoning

Can you imagine the aroma of big pot of stew hanging over an old west campfire?  Ridley’s has captured the aroma and taste of the finest stew you have ever tasted!  Sprinkle 1.5 teaspoons of this blend of fresh ground gourmet herbs and spices and an equal amount of flour to thicken per pound of Ridley’s Stew Meat.  Add your veggies and water and slow cook 8 – 10 hours, then serve.

3.8 oz.

NEW!!! Whatever!

Not to appear trite, but this seasoning is one of a kind. It can be us d on anything. Just sprinkle it on meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, or whatever you are trying to make taste good. Some call this a seasoning salt, but other customers just say, Whatever!

Oklahoma Rib Rub

For outstanding ribs you need two things: Ridley’s Prize Ribs and Ridley’s Prize Rib Rub.  With this carefully blended array of spices anyone can now have fall-off-the-bone, juicy, tender ribs.  Our special blend seals in the flavor of ribs that will leave your mouth watering.  Rub our special Rib Rub liberally on both sides of the ribs.  If possible, let them season overnight, then slow cook.  Excellent also on pork roasts to make pulled pork! 

Our Rib Rub is outstanding!  It gives the best flavor on ribs that I have ever tasted!  Highly recommended.

3.0 oz.

Prime Rub - Seasoning for the Finest Cuts of Meat

Our Prime Rub seasoning was developed specifically for Prime Rib.  We love cooking prime rib but have always felt other seasonings were missing the flavor elements we wanted.  What to do?  Make a new spice blend!  This seasoning uses gourmet Hawaiian Alaea sea salt for its unique flavor and appearance.  We also use a variety of spices and herbs to compliment, not cover up the flavor of the meat. 

2.8 oz.

Oklahoma Burger Seasoning

Ridley’s Oklahoma Burger Seasoning adds a fantastic kick to your home-cooked burgers!  Fire up your grill, sprinkle the spice on Ridley’s Prize Ground Chuck and try not to drool when you smell the aroma.  Our Burger Seasoning has a very bold taste.  Ridley’s Prize Oklahoma Burger Seasoning can also be part of a great marinade.  Add it to water, fruit juices, or olive oil for a great taste.  Excellent also on vegetables and eggs.

2.5 oz.

Oklahoma Hickory Burger Seasoning

Ridley’s Hickory Burger Seasoning is a special blend of spices based with hickory-smoked salt.  Fire up the grill, season your Ridley’s Prize Ground Chuck patties to taste and you are going to impress your guests with a burger that cannot be matched.  You will notice the subtle flavors with a hint of hickory.  This spice will make your cook-out an event to remember.  Excellent on any meats or vegetables.

3.8 oz.

Ridley's Pork Rub - Gourmet Seasoning

Ridley's Pork Rub is an incredible pork seasoning, and when you cook with this blend you'll notice several flavors mingling with your taste buds.  It has a hint of sweetness, a bit of tanginess, and several unique spices that give it a taste that's different from most pork seasonings.  Try Ridley's Pork Rub on pork chops, pork roasts, and pork tenderloins.  Excellent on other meats and vegetables also.  Enjoy!

3.5 oz.

Ridley's Okie Rub - A spice blend for chicken, fish, and pork.

Ridley’s has created a rub with the aroma and flavor of cooking at the family cabin with overtones of hickory and herbs.  Try Ridley’s Okie Rub on fish, chicken and pork.  It’s great on veggies too!  It’s unique and versatile combination of spices gives a tasty kick to your favorite meats!  To add a boost to your breakfast, try Ridley’s Okie Rub on your eggs! 

2.9 oz.

Oklahoma Eleven Pepper Blend - Gourmet Pepper Blend

This unique, gourmet seasoning is packed with flavor!  We use eleven different hot peppers, bell peppers, and ground peppercorns, along with other ingredients to make a blend that will make a variety of dishes taste great.  Try this seasoning on almost any meat.  A little Eleven Pepper Blend makes anything better!

2.8 oz.

Ridley's Fajita Seasoning

Our Fajita Seasoning is better than others because we use more spices to deliver a more well-rounded, distinctive flavor that tastes great bite after bite. For great fajita flavor, toss the meat - beef or chicken - in a zip lock bag with vegetable oil and 1-1/2 Tablespoons (or to taste) of Fajita Seasoning until well coated. If possible, marinate in refrigerator for a few hours after tossing. Grill the meat and re-season as necessary. Enjoy your fajitas!

2.9 oz.

Ridley's Signature Beef Rub

When preparing the finest cuts of beef you don't want to overwhelm them with seasonings.  Our Signature Beef Seasoning is made especially for the finest, aged beef – it won’t cover up the meat’s natural flavors.  This blend is packed with a very diverse array of spices including gray sea salt, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, basil, fennel, pepper, and lavender.  It has no additives, preservatives, or MSG!  We use the finest sea salt with a hint of spices and herbs.  Simply rub the seasoning on both sides of the meat before cooking, then enjoy!

2.4 oz.

Ridley's Salt Free Seasoning

This is an exquisite blend of spices for our “Heart Smart” customers.  You no longer have to eat bland tasting food!  This blend contains NO salt, although its array of several spices satisfies the salt craving.  It gives a wonderful flavor to any beef, pork, chicken, or vegetables.  Use generously on your restricted low-sodium diets.  Your guests will not believe it is salt free!

2.8 oz.

Ridley's Season All - Gourmet Seasoning

Ridley's Season All is an all-purpose seasoning made for just about anything you cook.  The 30 spices, herbs, and specialty ingredients are ideal for any meat, whether you’re grilling beef or pork, baking chickens, or frying fish.  It is also great on eggs and vegetables.  Try it on baked potatoes, beans, or corn.  Use Season All anytime you would use salt, as a shake-on or as a rub.

3.5 oz..

Trail Dust - Southwestern Seasoning

Ridley's Trail Dust adds a distinctive flavor to southwestern foods and other dishes ranging from steaks, burgers, chicken, or pork.  Try it on vegetables or add to salads.  The mouth-watering taste isn’t too hot, so it is great for the whole family.  So, after a long day of riding the range or hitting balls at the range, sprinkle a little Trail Dust on your cooking and taste the Southwest.

2.3 oz.


Ridley's Prize Marinated Boneless, Skinless Chicken

Marinated Boneless, Skinless Chicken

Vacuum tumbled to marinate the meat completely through, not just on the surface, our boneless, skinless chicken is marinated to perfection and ready to cook in a variety of zesty flavors!   After marinating, the chicken is flash frozen in small vacuum packages (approximately 1 lb. each), ready to cut open and lay on the grill, in the oven or in a fry pan! 

Excellent flavor!  Great for the grill!  Great to cut up for salads also!   

  • Garlic Butter Chicken Breast
  • Lemon Pepper Chicken Breast
  • Hickory Grill Marinated Chicken Breast
  • Mesquite Marinated Chicken Breast 



Our steaks are aged to perfection, trimmed, and cut by hand by one of our trained meat cutters.  It all begins with quality beef.  We select our beef with a discerning eye choosing only the finest quality to carry the Ridley name.  We only sell steaks we would be proud to serve at our house.  We offer the option of choosing our steaks "Natural" or "Seasoned".  The "Natural" steaks are for those of you who only want the true meat flavor.  Our "Seasoned Steaks" are lightly marinated with our special blend of herbs and spices that we have developed over several years.  The flavor is better than any steak you have eaten in the finest restaurants!  It is a great compliment to the meat,  not overpowering the beef flavor.